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The Seventh Belgrade


Location: Garden Courtyard of the Belgrade Synagogue

June 18th - 19th 2016.

As in previous years the festival is taking place in the beautiful garden courtyard of the Belgrade Synagogue right in the heart of the city center. Musicians of various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds who are all equally devoted, passionate and particularly true to the authenticity of their art will be participating. They recognize each other's particular talents and styles while at the same time making precious contacts and exchanging experiences. This all contributes towards creating an atmosphere of tolerance and love.

We, the creators of this festival, are sure that we are on the right path and are proud of the success of this event as well as of the audience that we gathered since we began the festival.


Saturday, June 18th at 22:00 - Dvorište Beogradske sinagoge


Yemen and Africa are separated by sea. Gulaza is an expression of that sea - a sea of despair, prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom.

Four artists come together and continue the natural evolution of the Yemenite Women songs.

Old mystical texts acquire a modern and contemporary meaning in a special vocal and instrumental arrangements. This concept was born when Igal Mizrahi and Ben Aylon joined to create a duet between an ancient Yemenite song and the sound of the African N’goni.


Gulaza on YouTube





Sunday, June 19th at 20:00

First part

Las Coplas de Yosef Ha-Tsadik

Musical drama performed by Shira utilfa & Choir Braća Baruh

Biblical poem "Las Coplas de Yosef Ha-Tsadik" was written in Ladino by Abraham Toledo in the first half of the 17th century. This is probably the first Jewish musical ever written.It is rooted in Bible story of Joseph but set in multi cultural millie of Sephardic world in time of the Ottoman Empire. After Istanbul, Belgrade is the first city where the Coplas have been printed in 1861.

Narrator: Vanja Ejdus


Second part at 21:00

Braća Baruh

Concert of the Choir Braća Baruh



Entrance to the concerts is free, for the 19th please contact Kolarac ticket desk to reserve your ticket.